If your a building owner, a building contractor or a lift company and you need the skills from a contractor that can carry out all aspects of lift shaft service then give us a call.We have engineers located in various locations throughout the UK that can safely carry out the work to the higest of quality in a timescale to suit.

Lift rip outs/removal

We have a team of engineers specifically designated to our lift rip out/removal division.Works are carried out to customers needs with limited disruption in the event the building is still in use.The lift can be safely  removed and recycled allowing new lift shaft works to proceed in limited time.

General builing and electrical works within the lift shaft.

We  offer a wide range of building and electrical services assoiciated with the lift shaft which include making good around entrances,supply and install landing door archatraves,shaft division screens,shaft lighting and  lift shaft steelwork.

Shaft clean down and paint.

We offer a shaft clean down service to bring your lift shaft back to new,thouroughly cleaning years of dust and debris therfore avoiding fire hazards. A full paint down will give you a nice bright environment for safe working in the lift shaft.

Entrance protection barriers

We supply and erect entrance barriers for permament or tempory protection on the landing entrance in th eevent of damage or if needed during major works.